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Hotel Search HRS (New)


Search, book and save on almost 300,000 hotels all over the world with the HRS Hotel Search app. Solve all your hotel needs and beat even the best Internet prices in just two easy steps.Try our new – and free – Smarthotel service, which lets you check in and out of many hotels and pay your bill on your smartphone. New Smarthotels are popping up all the time.
Take the hassle out of hotel booking with HRS. It's so simple:
SEARCH – Clever search, easy navigation and GPS-function make finding the right hotel a breeze
BOOK – No payment details required up front, and free cancellation until 6pm on arrival day
SAVE – Get up to 30% off Internet rates with our exclusive Mobile Special Tariff
HRS SMARTHOTEL – Use your smartphone to check in and out and pay your bill – it doesn't get simpler than that!
HRS DEALS – Totally unique to us, enjoy even more savings with our incredible HRS Deals.
OUR PROMISE – We offer a complete Money-Back guarantee if you find a cheaper rate anywhere else.
Whether for business or pleasure, HRS Hotel search is the best way to find and book hotels. Enjoy all the best rates, as well as even more savings with our exclusive HRS Deals.
But it’s not just easy search, quick booking and great savings, HRS Hotel Search has a huge range of benefits to suit you, such as:
- Up to 30% savings with HRS corporate discount- Quick booking for favorite or regular hotels- Photos, videos and millions of honest guest reviews- Immediate updates of the best hotel rates- Intuitive search and filtering options- Full listings and details of every hotel
We’re committed to making your travel easier, cheaper and quicker, so if you have any suggestions to help us make our app even better, please let us know via email at: We will always reply swiftly, and start working on a solution right away.
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